Basic information

The project is fully supported by the Croatian Science Foundation

Thematic HRZZ Call for Scientific Research Proposals: Infectious Diseases Caused by Corona Viruses and the Social and Educational Aspects of the Pandemic (Call identifier: IP-CORONA-2020-04)

Project id: IP-CORONA-04-2061

Principal investigator: Associate Professor Ana Meštrović, PhD

Project hosting institution: University of Rijeka, Department of Informatics

Project name: Multilayer Framework for the Information Spreading Characterization in Social Media during the COVID-19 Crisis

Project acronym: InfoCoV

Project keywords: Information Spreading, Social Media, Multilayer Networks, Social Networks Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning

Area of research: Social sciences
Research field: Information and communication sciences
Project website:
Project duration: 15.7.2020 – 14.1.2022

Members of the research team:
Assoc. Prof. Ana Meštrović, PhD
Prof. Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić, PhD
Slobodan Beliga, PhD
Karlo Babić, MSc
Milan Petrović, MSc
Assoc. prof. Mihaela Matešić, PhD
Prof. dr. sc. Zoran Levnajić, PhD
Marko Pranjić, MSC

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